Street Cars Racing Speed Games

Street Cars Racing Speed Games 3D free is a extreme fast paced formula1 style fast speed driving racer game. Dare to go close by either same angry AI side cars or not to dash on side walls or bridge or buildings to see fire sparks .

Your moto is to increase thrill and less accident stunts with furious SFX extreme top gear roar increases to next level for high octane addictive tilt or touch drive. Play in dark night or bright day light driving in the awesome 3D sky scrapper modern city roads No secret or surprise that you will fall in love with this wonderful street car racing game 3D simulation animated pocket mobile android or iPhone or iPad tablet games. No need to worry about real time police chase or tickets for speeding in surfing your car through lighted long lane subway. Absorbing background music drives the car race reckless games drifting spirit to next level. For iPhone, iPad – IOS users, you can even select your own playlists.

Street Cars Racing Speed GamesDrive free on either side of a road or lane splitter using motion tilt left, right or touch button controls or manual stick. Realistic car control physics padded with best 3D graphics and small file size for the quality it delivers – something you don’t want to miss this free modern streets circuit speed racing 3D games. Watch the park, buildings, river bed, hospital just goes by in opposite direction in 6 different camera angles along with picture in picture (PIP) screen to see the back view mirror of action. Maze the city roads with your nascar ambition or miss the fun best 3d arcade car racing simulation game.



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Maze or safe drifting through speed cars or trucks to avoid an accident or being crushed in a reckless race. Enjoy the fun chase of modern city feel dirt car motor bike action without getting tickets. Best and coolest car motorcycles bike racing android games app with absorbing music and quality 3D graphics simulations.
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